GIS Analysis.

Barnes & Associates provides data collection and custom mapping services to meet the unique needs of your forest property or natural resource related project. Our experienced staff utilizes the latest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) software for the collection, analysis and presentation of GIS data. We can plan your forestry related GIS project, collect and analyze field data then use the data to create custom maps. Whatever the need, Barnes & Associates can provide expert GIS and GPS services to complete the support for our clients.

Specific GIS services include:

  • Custom mapping and spatial analysis of properties using the latest versions of ESRI ArcMap and MapInfo Professional
  • Digital elevation and raster analysis using ESRI Spatial Analyst and MapInfo Vertical Mapper
  • Current ortho-imagery and USGS topographic map underlays as base data to display property lines, roads, streams, forest types and other geographic points of interest.
  • Soil type maps
  • Thematic maps and mapbook collections in a variety of print sizes from letter up to 36” wide format
  • Geo-referenced PDF maps for use in mobile device applications
  • KMZ files for integration with Google Earth on PC’s and mobile devices
  • WKT files to aid in submitting forest operations permits with the Oregon Department of Forestry’s E-Notification system

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