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Barnes and Associates provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services for forestry and natural resource related projects. We have spent years collecting mapping data and developing technical expertise to provide GIS and GPS mapping services for natural resource applications. We can plan your GIS project, collect data in the field and create custom maps of your property. In addition, we conduct database queries and provide spatial analysis to solve complex geographical problems. Whatever the need, Barnes and Associates can provide expert GIS and GPS services and complete support for our clients.

Some of the specific GIS services we provide are:
  • Spatial analysis with MapInfo Professional
  • Digital elevation and raster analysis with Vertical Mapper
  • Custom maps of your property including:
    • Ortho-corrected aerial photos
    • USGS topographic maps with property lines and custom additions such as roads, streams, lakes and other geographic points of interest
    • 3D views of your property
  • Soil type maps
  • Thematic mapping and attribute shading
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