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Tuesday, June 27th
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Barnes & Associates manages harvest operations for small woodlands clients. This is a key step in forest management. It takes many years for a stand to reach merchantable size. Proper harvest management assures that the most value is obtained for the timber owner; soil, streams, wildlife and other resources are protected; and that the end result provides ideal conditions for the next generation of trees. Our harvest management services typically include:
  • Work with the landowner to determine their land management objectives and advise them on how to best meet those objectives
  • Develop a logging plan or timber sale which best meets the landowner's objectives and protects the soil, streams, domestic water sources, wildlife and other resources. This plan must also meet all legal requirements.
  • Market logs to maximize timber value
  • Submit necessary notifications of operations
  • Obtain legal access if needed
  • Solicit bids from reputable loggers
  • Administer logging operations
  • Coordinate execution of timber sale contracts, logging contracts and log sales agreements
  • Review log payments from mills to assure all logs are accounted for and paid for at the proper rate
  • Distribute payments to contractors and landowner, provide copies of all documents, and calculate timber taxes at the end of the year
  • Manage reforestation operations to assure the land is left in a productive state after harvest
  • Manage entire operation to meet the landowner's objectives
Barnes & Associates earned a Certificate of Commendation from the Oregon Department of Forestry in 1999 for our management of a challenging harvest operation. This certificate was awarded for Barnes' "...effective sale preparation, layout and administration... With their assistance, this operation exceeded the requirements of the Oregon Forest Practices Act and stands as an example of exceptional forest management."
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