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Barnes and Associates provides reforestation services for many family forestland clients. In some cases, reforestation is required after harvesting to meet the Oregon Forest Practices Act. In other cases, reforestation is done to transform non-productive land into a productive timber growing site. Other situations require interplanting understocked areas to bring the stocking level up to optimum growing conditions.

Regardless of the reason, we will:
  • Identify the proper species and stock type to plant
  • Determine the optimum tree spacing and quantity of seedlings needed
  • Locate and order seedlings
  • Obtain bids from quality reforestation contractors
  • Coordinate the planting process with the contractors
  • Arrange for proper transportation and cooler storage for the seedlings
  • Inspect planting to ensure quality work
  • Prescribe vegetation management to optimize seedling survival and growth
  • Manage herbicide spraying and other vegetation control for successful regeneration
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